Frequently Asked Questions


I'm looking to join a team or league in my area, what should I do?
Visit the Cal South Adult League/Club Directory and locate a member in your area. Most leagues have a website with individual contact information. Contact the team manager directly or a league administrator for assistance.

My team would like to join a Cal South member adult league. What is the best way to start?
Visit the Cal South Adult Affiliate Member Directory and locate a league/club in your area. Most leagues have a website with team or player registration deadlines, meeting dates and new sign-up information. Contact a league administrator directly for assistance or if you have additional questions.

When is the Cal South/USASA seasonal year?
The soccer seasonal year begins each year on September 1st to August 31st of the following year.

Can our current Cal South youth league/club start a Cal South adult league or adult club?
Yes, please contact Luis Salcedo at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 714.451.1507 to get you started.

Is it too late to affiliate our adult club or league to Cal South for the 2013-2014 seasonal year?
No, we accept leagues throughout the year. Please contact Luis Salcedo for more information or to set up an informational meeting at 714.451.1507 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Are my adult leagues or adult clubs required to be 501c3 non-profit organizations (like youth clubs) in order to join Cal South?
No, we will accept your adult affiliate member application as long at the league or club is incorporated with the State of California. Contact Luis Salcedo with any additional questions or if you would like assistance in incorporating your organization.

What is the annual Cal South Adult player registration fee?
The one-time Cal South membership fee is $22.50 per seasonal year. This includes all the basic Cal South membership benefits and services. In addition, adult players are allowed to Multi-Roster. This means that an adult player may play in multiple affiliated leagues or teams at no additional cost. Check your local league's rules regarding multi-team rostering. A Tournament Player Pass at a discount lower rate is available for sanctioned tournaments.

Can I register to just play in a Cal South sanctioned adult soccer tournament?
Yes. A Cal South/USASA Weekend Tournament Player Pass is available at a discounted rate to participate in an individual Cal South and USASA tournament. Click here to register.

What is the minimum age to register as a Cal South Adult player?
The minimum age is 14 years of age as of 9/1 for the current seasonal year. Players under the age of 18 are required to complete an Adult Registration Form (Minor) signed by his/her parent or legal guardian. Individual adult league age requirements may vary. Check your local league's rules regarding minimum age requirements.

What is the maximum age to register as a Cal South Adult player?
There is no maximum player age limit. Individual adult league play divisions may vary. The USASA National Veterans Cup offers Over 30 to Over 70 age divisions. Check your local league's play format and rules.

My team wants to play in the Lamar Hunt U.S Open Cup, what do I need to do?
US Soccer recently announced a new amateur team qualifying format for the 2016 Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup. U.S. Soccer will not operate the entire national competition from beginning to end. Eligible amateur teams may submit their team entry forms directly to U.S. Soccer. The team entry deadline is August 3, 2015. The first qualifying round of local competition on the West Coast will commence on September 19, 2015. For additional team eligibility and competition information, please click here.


What is PRO+?
PRO+ is the most progressive player identification and development system in the United States combining all of Cal South's current and future elite player development initiatives under one integrated structure. The areas of emphasis of the PRO+ system are Identification, Development, Inclusion and Advancement of the top male and female soccer players throughout Southern California.

Is the word "PRO" an acronym or about making youth players professionals?
No, the word "PRO" is being used as a preposition, which means "to be in favor of." PRO+ is in favor of identification, development, inclusion and advancement. Our goal is to help players advance to the next highest level that is available to them, whether it be a youth national team, college or becoming a professional player.

How are these four areas of emphasis applied within the PRO+ system?

  • Identification: Cal South believes that players are best identified in their natural game-playing environment by professional scouts. We have developed a high-level scouting system over the past twelve years and are in the process of creating a more robust technology platform to identify and track players as they progress through the system. As more emphasis goes towards our younger age groups, the reach of our scouting and identification efforts under PRO+ will be greatly intensified as our player pools are larger in those younger age groups.
  • Development: We contend that player development is directly related to the quality of play, the level of coaching and the best players playing against the best. Therefore, we will always be centrally focused on creating a high-level environment, a quality coaching staff and selecting the greatest development opportunities for the players. Part of development is also learning to become a complete player, which is why we integrate education into the program around fitness, nutrition and sports psychology from some of the top minds involved in sport.
  • Inclusion: No barrier should ever stand in the way of opportunities for our players to participate and potentially represent their state or national team program. The elimination of costs and travel and more aggressively utilizing Cal South's relationships with Nike, U.S. Soccer and local resources removes these barriers and makes the program accessible and inclusive for all players and families.
  • Advancement: Early identification and development leads to stronger advancement opportunities. Whether a player is heading for college, pros or national team play, PRO+ will be a key for any path.

Where does the Olympic Development Program (ODP) fit within PRO+?
In the past, Cal South's elite player identification and development fit under the singular structure of ODP. PRO+ provides a more strategically integrated structure of programs and events that will optimize opportunities for our players. We are proud of the success of our state teams at the US Youth Soccer ODP Championships and state teams will still compete in these events. However, we have chosen to eliminate more cost-prohibitive events for our players such as ODP Regional Camp. We have excluded those in favor of crafting more impactful events held locally in Southern California. This allows us to host these events at no cost to the players and allows us to bring the regional and national scouts to the events themselves to work with our players.

What events fall under the PRO+ umbrella?

  • U.S. Soccer National Identification events and Youth National Team friendlies
  • Cal South PRO+ Invitational
  • Cal South PRO+ Summer Training Camp
  • US Youth Soccer ODP Championships
  • Annual PRO+ State Pool Training
  • Nike Elite Player Showcases
  • Strategically selected identification and development programming that exposes our players to the highest levels possible

Does PRO+ replace ODP?
It includes ODP and expands the scope and mission of identification, development and advancement while also allowing for a larger number of players to be included in the program. The best way to describe it is not as a replacement for ODP, but as the next, more advanced generation.

What are the benefits for participating players?

  • An opportunity to train, play and compete against the best players in the country
  • An opportunity to work with a high-level coaching staff and supplement their overall development
  • U.S. Soccer National Team staff and scouts working onsite at PRO+ camps and events and the opportunity to be identified for U.S. Soccer National Teams
  • Opportunities to play against U.S. Soccer Youth National Teams
  • No fees for the opportunity to be identified and zero to minimal cost to participate
  • No out-of-state travel; all PRO+ events, training and camps are held in Southern California
  • Training gear provided by Cal South and Nike

What is the cost to participate in PRO+?
There are no fees for the opportunity to be identified and zero to minimal cost to players for participation in the program. This is made possible due to the strategic shift towards hosting high-level identification and development events locally in Southern California. It is also due to the generous commitment of Nike who supplies all athletic apparel to the PRO+ program. Nike's support of the PRO+ program and their commitment to the elite player base of Southern California is very significant.

What age groups does PRO+ focus on?
PRO+ features the following age groups for both boys and girls: U12, U13, U14, U15, U16 and U17

Does PRO+ create significant additional demands on the calendar of an elite player?
No, the annual soccer calendar for the elite player is too congested as it is. Our goal was to eliminate conflicts where possible. All Pro+ events and training occurs during existing windows on the calendar that were already being used for State, Regional and National ODP. In fact, by removing much of the out-of-state travel and keeping our kids local, we have actually softened the calendar impact.

Can I still participate with my club team?
Absolutely. Clubs have the largest impact on day-to-day player development and we work with all of our Affiliate Member clubs to alleviate conflicts as much as possible.

I'm on a Cal South ODP pool/team. Will I have to go through a new process to get in the State PRO+ pool?
No. Players who were identified and named under the Cal South ODP program remain in their existing pools and teams.

How do I get scouted to be identified for Cal South PRO+?
Cal South utilizes a comprehensive scouting system in which players are identified in a natural game-playing environment for identification. The process starts with a player recommendation which can be made by a club's technical directors, directors of coaching, team coaches and even opposing club coaches who can recommend players through our online Player Recommendation Form. Individual players that are recommended this way will be scouted in league play from September through December and at the State Cup and National Cup competitions.

What are the steps in the process in the event you are selected for participation?

  • Recommendation / Identification: Club coach recommendation followed by a Cal South scout being assigned to evaluate the player in a game environment
  • Evaluation / Scouting: Player is scouted and evaluated for potential inclusion
  • Cal South PRO+ Pool Selection: Cal South coaching and scouting staff will select players to be part of the State Player Pools
  • Cal South PRO+ Pool Training: Southern California's best players train together in age-based player pools
  • Cal South PRO+ State Team Selection: The top 22 players in each age group are selected to represent Cal South in U.S. Soccer National Identification events.

Why make this change?
All progressive programs change as the environment around them changes. We are extremely proud of our accomplishments and success rate of consistently getting our players through to the National Team programs, but locking into a single track for player identification and development no longer makes sense for Cal South.

We wanted to take a very strong existing program and make it better. Part of that was eliminating the existing barriers to participation such as costs and travel. U.S. Soccer has also made some significant changes to their approach on youth player development over the past several years, so it was important that we positioned PRO+ to be in alignment with that. Cal South is a very important market for the U.S. Soccer Federation and these changes will help us both meet our mutual goals.

Cal South Camps, Clinics and Academy Player (CCAP)

If sanctioned, do I still need to secure separate general liability insurance coverage for my clinic or camp?
No, the general liability insurance coverage is a benefit of sanctioning under the CCAP Program.

If my Cal South club applies to sanction a clinic under the CCAP Program, the Application Fee is waived?
Yes. This is a benefit of being an affiliate member of Cal South. In addition, there is no additional charge for the field liability insurance certificate for this CCAP program.

I would like additional skills training for my son/daughter. Where can I find and register for these programs?
Visit our online CCAP Program Directory at

Are all CCAP Program instructors and clinicians required to be Live Scanned by Cal South?
Yes. In order to be sanctioned, all instructors must be Cal South risk management approved.

Is there a limit to the number of camps that I can sanction under CCAP?
There is no limit on sanctioning multiple camps or clinics, etc.

Can I apply for this program as an individual coach or instructor for private training sessions?
Yes, you can operate private player clinics or training sessions and at greater savings and with appropriate insurance coverage.

How do you promote Cal South sanctioned CCAP programs?
Sanctioned CCAP Programs will be listed on the CCAP Directory on Cal South’s website, which generates over 460,000 unique visitors and 6.9 million annual page views.

Can a University, College or Private Soccer Camp apply to be sanctioned under the CCAP Program?
Yes, any entity can apply to be a sanctioned CCAP Program.

Can I sanction my overnight Soccer Camp?
No, the CCAP Program does not sanction overnight or residential camps.

Is a spring or summer league classified as a CCAP Program?
No. Leagues are classified as a regular recreation or competitive league operated by an active Cal South member affiliate. Small-sided scrimmages and games are permitted under the CCAP Program.

I need additional skill training sessions where can I find an approved Cal South camp or private training sessions?
Visit our online CCAP Program Directory at

I currently run private clinics or training sessions at my club’s facilities. Am I covered by the club’s insurance policy?
No. Since your private lessons are not a Cal South sanction activity, your club and the participants are not be covered by the Cal South insurance.


Why are you offering this new “Outreach Program” special membership?
Cal South’s mission is to advance and improve the game. In accordance with our mission, we recognize that there are many non-profit and agency driven programs in which soccer is used as a primary tool or incentive in achieving greater socially driven outcomes for youth. Cal South has expertise in all facets of soccer programming and by deploying these resources through coaching education, curriculum development and other areas; we will help elevate the soccer component of any program. It’s the right thing to do and this fulfills our mission as an organization.

What are the key benefits to my non-profit group if I participate in your Cal South Outreach Program?
As the premier and most successful state soccer association in the country, we can assist your organization with our expertise and knowledge in all facets of youth soccer. Our soccer expertise and programs include:

  • TOPSoccer (special needs)
  • Recreational
  • League Formation and Scheduling
  • Risk Management
  • Olympic Development Program
  • Coaching Education
  • Referee Education
  • Tournament Competitions
  • Foundation Grant Opportunities
  • Administrator development & training

We have a small after-school soccer program run by staff and volunteer parents. We have no coaching or referee experience. Can you help us?
Yes. We can provide your group with an introductory Cal South coaching or referee course to educate your staff and volunteers.

We are a youth non-profit group that would like to start a youth soccer program since there are no soccer programs in our community. Can you consult and guide us on how to start a new soccer program?
Absolutely. We would meet with your group to assess how we can best assist your group to start a new soccer program or league.

If we become a Cal South Outreach Program member, can we apply for a Soccer Foundation grant?
Yes. The Cal South Soccer Foundation has two grant cycles annually. For more information or to apply, please go to or contact Shirley Ramirez. Her contact information is listed below.

Our youth non-profit program has limited funds and we need new soccer equipment for our indoor soccer program. How can you assist?
By applying to the Outreach Program, your group is eligible to apply for a Cal South Soccer Foundation Grant. Click here to apply.

What will you require from our organization as an Outreach Program member?
Our interests is in providing our Outreach Programs with resources to help elevate their soccer program and opportunities for the youth that they serve. Our mission is to advance and grow the game. The requirements as an Outreach Program partner revolve around the promotion of Cal South and the Cal South Soccer Foundation and the services we provide. We require the registration and execution of waivers for any coaches, players, referees and program administrators that participate in any programs provided by Cal South and the Cal South Soccer Foundation. We also require a database file of your program participants (players, coaches, referees) which will be solely used for the promotion of Cal South Soccer and Cal South Soccer Foundation programs and special events. Many opportunities exist throughout our Cal South affiliated network of sanctioned clubs, leagues and tournaments. Through your affiliation as an Outreach Program Special Member, we want to be sure to create greater awareness around these benefits and other services that you and your families can access.


When is there a need for referees?
The great thing about becoming an official is that there is always work here in California. The great weather allows for continual game play!
Fall season is busy with all league play games. (August - November)
Spring Season offers game play
Summer Season offers game play
Cal South State Cup is always looking for good referees (January - May )
Cal South National Cup is always looking for good referees (February - July)
Sanctioned tournaments are held throughout the entire year. Work for these are usually through referee associations.

When should I register to become a referee?
You can start the registration process anytime during the year. It all depends on when you, as an individual will have the time to officiate. Understanding the registration period and the time frame that your certification is valid to is key. Plan accordingly by viewing the chart below to see what certification year you are registering for.

Currently we are in the 2016 registration period. Anyone that starts now will be certified until Dec. 31, 2016.
* Registration Period Close is strict to allow Cal South enough time to process your registration with the US Soccer Federation.

What's the difference between Referee Grade 9 & Referee Grade 8?
Both are entry level referee grades. Grade 9 allows you to referee ONLY recreational youth matches. Many of these games may be done at volunteer base.

Grade 8 allows you to referee all youth games, competitive and recreational. Grade 8 referees usually get paid. Both have no minimum age requirements.

Does Grade 9 & Grade 8 have anything to do with what grade someone is in school currently?
No. Grade 9 and Grade 8 are simply the classifications that US Soccer Federation uses to designate the different level referees. Everyone starts as an entry level Grade 9 or Grade 8.
You do not need to start as a Grade 9 to take the Grade 8. You choose where to start depending on your comfort level. As you gain more experience you have the option to try to qualify to upgrade to the next grade level after meeting requirements.

  • Grade 1 - International Referee
  • Grade 2 - International Assistant Referee
  • Grade 3 - Professional Official
  • Grade 4 - National Official
  • Grade 5 - National Candidate
  • Grade 6 - State Referee
  • Grade 7 - Referee
  • Grade 8 - Referee
  • Grade 9 - Recreational Referee

I tried to register but the system took me in a loop, now what?
The system is designed to keep history records. You or someone in your family was at one point part of Cal South as a parent, coach or player. Please contact Cal South to retrieve your account login.

How much can a referee make?
Referee pay differs with each league and referee association. The biggest factor depends on the age & level of play you will be officiating.

For League Play: New referees can get paid as an individual or as a team that officiates the game. Pay range can be anywhere from $1.30 to $1.50 per each minute of the game (for club games). The whole crew can then divide that earning. You will have to make sure to ask what the pay scale is for any league or association you choose to work for. The following graphs will show current Cal South Tournament Referee fees.

Cal South State & National Cup
Mayors U9-U10 | $38 | Per Team | 50 Mins
Govenors & Presidents | U9-U10 | $38 Per Team | 50 Mins
Mayors U11 | $45 Per Team | 60 Mins
Governors & Presidents U11-U12 | $45 Per Team | 60 Mins
National U12 | $45 Per Team | 60 Mins
Governors, Presidents, National U13-U14 | $53 Per Team | 70 Mins
Governors, Presidents, National U15 | $60 Per Team | 80 Mins
Governors, Presidents, National U16 | $60 Per Team | 80 Mins
Presidents U17-U19 | $70 Per Team | 90 Mins
National U17-U19 | $78 Per Team | 90 Mins

Cal South CRL Tournament
U12 | $50 / Per Team
U13 | $59 / Per Team
U14 | $59 / Per Team
U15 | $68 / Per Team
U16 | $68 / Per Team
U17 | $88 / Per Team
U18 | $88 / Per Team

Who pays the referee?
For season league games, cash is usually paid before each game by the league representative (Coach/ Team Manager). Referee associations usually pay the official for sanctioned tournament games. For Cal South Cup Tournaments cash is paid to the Referee team by Team Administrators from each team before the start of each game.

Will an entry referee start working as a center referee?
New referee will most likely not start as a center unless they have previous experience and confidence. Referee associations and leagues usually want to start a new referee as Assistant referees before setting them up as a center referee.

How far do we need to travel for games?
You will be the one who decides this. Each association will ask you how much you are willing to travel for work. This is completely up to you.

Where can I get work?
Once you are certified and have received your ID and badge it’s time to look for work. Referees have two avenues from which to obtain games.

  1. Join a referee association. Each association offers you additional training and support. They will have a referee assignor who will ask about your availability to then send you out to games.
    For our list of referee associations please click here.
  2. Contact your local league to see if they have their own pool of referees. Ask about any requirements as some might ask you to volunteer a few games prior to beginning to get paid or offer certification payment reimbursement.

What if I lose my badge?
If you lose your badge you can order a replacement at a $5 cost. That can be paid by check made out to Cal South. In the memo line please write “Badge Replacement for (referee’s name)”. 

What if I lose my Referee ID?
If you lose your referee ID you can order a replacement at a cost of $10. Checks should be made out to Cal South. In the memo line please write “ID Replacement for (referee’s name)”.

What color uniform do I need to buy?
Uniform colors are your decision. It’s always best to have several colors as the official should stand out from the jersey colors worn on the field by soccer players.

Where do I get my monthly trainings?
Every official needs to make sure to receive 5 hours of continual training in order to recertify the following year. Trainings are offered by referee associations who each hold monthly lectures/meetings.

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